2020 «ΣΗΜΕΡΑ ΣΤΟ 251 ΓΝΑ/#HOSPITAL ART«, 251 ΓΝΑ, curated by L.Karapidaki, group show

2019   «Generations» curated by group «ΔΙΠΟΛΑ»,Chrisa Vathianaki,

Gallery of the Municipality of Maleviziou, Crete

2019    «Culture Heraklion 2019» curated by Stella Koukoulaki ,Lola Nikolaou B ,Roma art gallery Athens and the group DIPOLA

2018    «ΡΑΝΤΕΒΟΥ στη ΣΑΜΑΡΚΑΝΔΗ», Trii Art Hub, curated by N. Kalaitzaki, group show

2017    «Domestic matter», Katerina Papazisi Studio, group show

2016    «αντί / ῥῦσις», Piree, curated by L. Markou, group show

2016   «Orange Water Art Festival», SAF, curated by A. Zolotaki & K. Athanasiadou, group show

2015    «Dipola», Gallery of the Municipality of Athens, curated by E. Lazonga, group show

2015    «Lustspiel – Reform Memory», Art Athina, 2015, Platforms Project, curated by D. Vasilakou, group show

2014    MET,ASKT Athens, group show

2013    TiTaniuM ExHibiTioN, Berlin, group show