visual Works

Truman’s Last Photo

Remembering the years of dogma Truman in Greece, thru a box of old photographs of my family. A historical ready made that makes me think Samuel Beckett’s phrase «Never knew such silence. The earth might be uninhabited» from Krapp’s Last Tape.



After a long journey, the memories come alive! shoot in Hi8 Dir.Karatzas Dimitris Cast.Panos Stathatos,Leyterhs Dimopulos Camera.Stratos Theodosiou Montaz.Karatzas DImitris First award for the video «L…» student film festival school L.Stavrakos 1999 – Athens



«Victoria» is a experimental video documentary about the Sub Urban Railway Station near Town center of Athens camera Digital Hi-8 Sony Handycam Filmaking by Karatzas Dimitris 2001 – Athens


Ginevra de’ Benci

Leonardo da Vinci painted this portrait of Ginevra de’ Benci, a young Florentine noblewoman who, at the age of sixteen, married Luigi Niccolini in 1474. The work may have been an engagement or wedding portrait, or it may have been commissioned by Bernardo Bembo, the Venetian Ambassador to Florence and Ginevra’s close friend and admirer.Fingerprints visible on the paint surface show how the artist used his hand as well as a brush to blend colors and create soft, delicate edges.



photo still projection

(Project proposal for installation in public space)